O/O is a small brewery specialising in beers we love. Everything from unfiltered lagers to juicy IPA's. We strive to make uncomplicated beers with attention to detail and style. We hope that you will enjoy our beers and help us grow.
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Bohemia: Kenneth, Birgitta, Ragnhild, 2014
Alexander PalmestÄl

Pretty Pale Ale: Artificial Gems, 2015

Ekta Pils: Untitled, 2015
Daniel Götesson EKTA

Baltic Porter: Churning Grace (Out to Sea), 2010
Karen Gunderson


In progress: Currently brewing fresh batches of several of our beers.


IPA, 6,8%

20 16


Imperial IPA, 8,2%

20 16

Pretty Pale Ale

Pale Ale, 5,5%

20 14


Saison, 5,0%

20 15


IPA, 6,0%

20 15

Ekta Pils

Pilsner, 5,2%

20 16

Baltic Porter

Porter, 7,5%

20 14